El príncipe Carlos conmemora a las víctimas de París

Prince Charles commemorates the victims of Paris

Minute of silence

Thorsten trederon November 15, 2015 | 11:41

After the terrible attacks in Paris, in which more than 120 people were cruelly murdered on Friday night, the royal family around the world is more than affected and stands for unity and solidarity after the terrible events in Paris. They come together to mourn and support the people of France. Prince Charles, who is currently in Australia, also sent a message to show his sympathy and solidarity, as announced by his office via Twitter.

Prince Charles, who celebrated his 67th birthday on Saturday, has spent a lot of time in the past building links between religions in Britain. That is why it was very important for him to also ask for a minute of silence at his birthday party in Australia to commemorate the victims of Paris. “I am sure you will agree that our hearts go out to all those who were so tragically struck by these beastly attacks. So I would like to ask everyone to be silent for a minute in memory of all those who were attacked and lost their lives, “said Prince Charles according to” People “magazine at his party.

Prince Charles asks for a minute of silence

But not only Prince Charles publicly mourns the victims of the Paris attacks, his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, also published a statement expressing great sadness and sympathy: “Prince Philip and I are deeply affected and saddened by the terrible bloodshed in Paris. We send our sincerest condolences to you, to the families of the deceased and to our fellow French citizens. “

Prince Albert is also deeply moved

In addition to messages from Prince Charles and the Queen, there was also a message for President Hollande from Monaco, France’s little neighbor. Prince Albert wrote that his people had also reacted in shock to the attacks: “My country shares the sadness and horror with our French friends who were killed in these terrorist crimes. With respect and deep emotion, we bow our heads in memory of so many victims and their families who have endured such incredible pain. But our thoughts are also with all the people who were injured in the attacks. ” Prince Albert went on to explain that, on behalf of his family and the people of Monaco, he would like to express his deep and honest solidarity.

People around the world express their deepest condolences for the victims of the terrible attacks in Paris. It is good to see that in such an emergency, the royalty around Prince Charles and Prince Albert also express their sympathy and their thoughts are with the people, across all national borders.

Image Source: Getty Images / Paul Kane