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Prince Charles visits Germany

Prince Charles visits Germany

So normal!

wantedon 05/28/2013 | 11:42

On his recent aerial visit to Germany, which dealt with organic farming, the British heir to the throne, Prince Charles, was particularly impressed by a small pig that was presented to him in Baden-Württemberg.

He couldn’t be seen at his press conference yesterday in Baden-Württemberg, but Prince Charles himself is one passionate organic farmer and that is why he should have liked it very much among the organic farmers of the region. In a stylish pinstripe suit instead of a waterproof parka and fine leather shoes instead of sturdy rubber boots, Prince Charles seemed a bit out of place in the rural idyll of Baden-Württemberg, but royalty and its bourgeois people Like-minded people obviously weren’t lacking in talking points.

Prince Charles attends a conference on organic agriculture

After all, Prince Charles is passionate about organic farming on his estate in the Duchy of Cornwall and is therefore very familiar with it. The British heir to the throne spoke about the trends, tricks and latest methods of organic farming and obviously felt right at home. Prince Charles laughed a lot and evidently enjoyed stroking one of the eight piglets of a Swabian-Hällischen mother sow. Prince Charles was also delighted with the sausage products that the organic farmers of the Schwäbisch Hall Farmers Association had collected for his blueblood visit – he enjoyed liver sausage, black sausage, and ham.

Prince Charles: guest of honor at an ecoconferenceAfter the rather informal meeting with the organic farmers, Prince Charles went straight to Langenburg Castle, where Prince Philip of Hohenlohe-Langenburg received royalty. Here Prince Charles attended a conference on organic agriculture and local food. This part of his stay in Germany might not have been as fun as the organic farmers gathering, but the organic way of farming was one for Prince Charles. Heart affair his presence at the conference was a fact.

Prince Charles farming in the country – The idea is kind of fun, but at the same time it makes the Royal so natural and somehow enjoyable. We like Prince Charles!

Image Source: gettyimages / Thomas Niedermueller