Prince George: cena de Navidad con la reina

Prince George: Christmas Dinner with the Queen

Family gathering

Anne Lüftneron December 17, 2015 | 11:09

This is now the third Christmas Prince George can experience and the older he gets, the more he gets involved in royal traditions. Yesterday, Wednesday, the Queen invited her family to the annual Christmas lunch and the little prince showed (almost) excellent manners, even without his father around.

Prince William and Duchess Kate seem to do a very good job as parents, because only very few 2-year-olds feel so relaxed and calm in the car when the family heads out for a decent lunch at Buckingham Palace. But of course Prince George is not a normal child either, because since his birth in the summer of 2013 he is used to being finely groomed and staying in the noblest circles.

The royal family gathered for Christmas dinner, only one left

And even for the traditional visit with his great-grandmother, Prince George threw himself back into his shell and wore only to kiss his white Peter Pan collar and dark blue cardigan. According to “Gala”, this stylish outfit can be seen in paparazzi photos, even though the index finger on the blonde’s mouth is only slightly real. But this little detail only makes the stem cuter and Prince William will certainly be impressed when looking at the photos.

Prince George had to do without his dad

The 33-year-old could not be present at the family reunion because he attended a service in which the late father of his good friend Guy was remembered, reports “”. But of course Prince George still didn’t have to go without a male partner, because in addition to Mama Kate, Prince Harry was also there to honor Queen Elizabeth.

Prince George is now more and more aware of the Christmas hustle and bustle and, like all children, he is certainly looking forward to unpacking presents and eating delicious cookies, and Prince William will certainly not miss his sparkling eyes.

Image Source: GettyImages / Chris Jackson