Prince George: ¡Puede caminar tan lindo!

Prince George: He can walk so cute!

Prince George: He can walk so cute!

So sweet

wantedon 06/16/2014 | 12:02

A few days ago, Prince George ventured into the world only on two feet for the first time, now the cute offspring of Kate Middleton and Prince William proved how well he can walk already.

Prince George is a bit uncomfortable

At the moment, Prince George still needs Mama Kate Middleton’s helping hand to explore the world on foot, but it certainly won’t be long before he’s safe on his own. At a polo tournament on Sunday in Cirencester, Little Prince George proved that he may not be the biggest polo fan yet, but he knows how to keep busy. Just on the arm of Mama Kate Middleton it seems that the little British royal got bored at some point; We really don’t know Prince George that upset.

Prince George is the center of attention of the day

In cute red and white striped overalls, Prince George and Kate Middleton watched their dad, Prince William, and uncle, Prince Harry, ride their horses. But what was apparently much more exciting for Prince George was the action at the edge of the field. – There is so much to explore!

Prince George caresses the field

Whether crawling or fingering Mom’s hand, Prince George easily caught the attention of passersby.

Attention, sugar shock! Prince George is too cute! A louse appears to have run over his liver for a short time, but the bad mood didn’t last long. We want to see more photos of the little prince!Image Source: Chris Jackson / Getty Images for La Martina