¡Prince George es el londinense más famoso!

Prince George is the most famous Londoner!

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wantedon 09/21/2013 | 16:36

Prince George, the two-month-old son of Kate Middleton and Prince William, has been voted the most famous resident of the British capital.

Prince george She is barely two months old and already has a mother Kate Middleton and left the rest of the Windsor family far behind – at least when it comes to fame. Even the British Queen Elizabeth II can’t keep up with her great-grandson’s popularity.

Prince George in the arms of his mother Kate

The British newspaper “Evening Standard” decided that Prince George by far the most popular and influential member of the royal family. it is. The newspaper published a list of London’s most influential residents, and Two-month-old Prince George came in first place! The newspaper justified the seemingly unusual choice as follows: “London is a magnet for the rest of the world and our most recent resident, Prince George, is a contemporary symbol.”

Prince George attracts tourists to London Prince George, whose birth in July was enthusiastically followed by the world, is said to be with his great-grandmother. Queen Elizabeth, who “only” made it to number 16 on the list. be responsible for that London so popular around the world as a tourist destination it is. “Along with his great-grandmother, he’s the biggest draw for tourists, which is why he was chosen for the top of London this year,” said Sarah Sands, editor of the Evening Standard. Prince George has also left his other relatives far behind: Kate Middleton landed in seventh place and Prince William along with Prince Harry in eleven.

Prince George is the most powerful Londoner at just two months? Respect! Even if we find the newspaper justification quite understandable, the British and their preference for weird lists are simply delicious. With pleasure more!

Image Source: Getty Images / WPA-Pool / John Stillwell