Prince George: el príncipe William quiere verlo en el campo de fútbol

Prince George: Prince William wants to see him on the football field

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wanted05/29/2015 | five pm

The British are at least as crazy about football as the Germans; a royal like Prince William is no exception. If blue blood had his way, his 22-month-old son, Prince George, would be on the football field ASAP.

And if you thought Prince William would want to support a football club with his son Prince George, you are wrong! Why the new dad of two is certain that his son will become a great soccer player. In an interview with soccer legend Gary Lineker, Prince William said that he would love to see his son on the soccer field. When Prince George will be seen at the ball for the first time, the Royal has yet to sayBut there is hope that the mini will become a really big one on the ball.

Did Prince George inherit his father’s enthusiasm for soccer?

When asked when Prince William would teach his son to play soccer, the 32-year-old was in the mood to joke: “I do not know exactly. I will present the proposal to the owner of the house. Let’s see how I get away with it. After all, at 22 months it might be a bit early. “

Prince George: Which club will you be excited about?

As much as Daddy Prince William would like to see Prince George out on the field, Kate Middleton seems to have something against it. But the beautiful duchess certainly will not be able to beat her two men.Because if the almost two-year-old has inherited even a spark of his father’s passion for football, Kate Middleton will not be able to reject him. So will we see Prince George with one of the great teams on the team soon? It’s no secret that Prince William is a fan of Aston Villa. Thus, Prince George’s heart will likely beat for the crisis-ravaged club.

We are sure that Prince George will not be swayed if his hobby turns to playing soccer. And there really could be worse hobbies, mom Kate Middleton will see it that way too. Image Source: Chris Jackson / Getty Images