Príncipe Harry: un vestido de novia número 30

Prince Harry: a 30th wedding dress

Prince Harry: a 30th wedding dress

Family owned

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In ten days there will be a good reason to celebrate at Kensington Palace: Prince Harry will be 30 years old! And what could be better than receiving the legacy of his late mother on this special day? Starting September 15, Prince Harry and Prince William will be able to make Princess Diana’s wedding dress and some other valuable items their own.

This is the silk dress

On July 29, 1981, more than 750 million viewers around the world saw Diana, 19 years old, in an impressive way. Wedding dress made of ivory silk and with a train that is seven meters long He stood with Prince Charles in front of the altar of St. Paul’s Cathedral. The creation of the Welsh designer David Emanuel is decorated with over 10,000 mother-of-pearl sequins and is priceless. According to Lady Diana’s will, the wedding dress is said to have been 17 years after her tragic death. pass into the possession of his two sons after the 30th birthday of his youngest son, Prince Harry.

To this day, the famous wedding dress still belongs to her brother, the Earl of Spencer. Since 1998 he has exhibited the good piece at the Althorp Museum in his family seat. And what will Prince Harry and Prince William do with the silk dress? The English hope that the relic will remain visible to the public; sure to draw in the crowd. Would Diana’s children have it on display at Kensington Palace? In addition to the gorgeous wedding dress, Prince Harry and Prince William also receive numerous private letters, photos and jewelry from his mother. The rights to Elton John’s song “Candle in the Wind,” which he sang at Lady Diana’s funeral and which moved millions to tears, will be officially yours.

Prince Harry: Kate Middleton is throwing a party for him?

Prince Harry inherits Diana’s dress

As it should be, Prince Harry should, of course, celebrate his historic birthday appropriately. According to the Daily Mail, this is also what Kate Middleton thought and planned a party for her brother-in-law with her sister Pippa. According to rumors, the 32-year-old is said to have planned a pre-birthday party., which should already rise this weekend in a tight circle of about 30 people. Will he also invite his new girlfriend, Camilla Thurlow?

A 30th birthday wedding dress may not make a man’s heart beat faster, but heirlooms will definitely have personal value to siblings. We’re excited to see what Prince Harry and Prince William will do with the silk dream. Much more importantly, however, what will Kate Middelton’s surprise party be like? Can the good duchess please the prince of the party?

Image Source: Image 1: Getty Images / AFP / Max Nash, Image 2: Getty Images / AFP / Justin Tallis