El príncipe Harry celebra en el Festival de Glastonbury

Prince Harry celebrates at the Glastonbury Festival

Prince Harry celebrates at the Glastonbury Festival

Wild party night

wantedon 03/07/2013 | 13:52

He’s back – Prince Harry as king of the party! After he had been silent for a long time about the British Royal, he now celebrated at the Glastonbury Festival!

The real stars can only be seen at the hottest music events of the summer. One of them is clearly the “Glastonbury festival“In the South West of England, which is particularly famous for night parties. Of course, Prince Harry (party) could not be absent either. Although she had held back a bit when it came to partying in recent months, she didn’t want to miss “Glastonbury”. But there was no trace of excess: the festival was unusually scandal-free for Prince Harry!

And the number 3 of the British line of succession also distanced himself from the star and royal airs: He blended into the party crowd, well camouflaged in a hat, sunglasses, and a low-key white T-shirt.. An observer who recognized Prince Harry, however, told the Sun how the Royal was doing: “Harry was in a good mood. He danced with two nearby security guards. You just let me do it! According to the tabloid, Prince Harry shouldn’t have attracted more attention over the course of the night!

Prince Harry kept an eye on Cressida Bonas!

According to reports from other observers, the beautiful aristocrat is said to even go straight danced alongside top model Kate Moss – but Prince Harry only had eyes for one during the entire night of the party: Cressida Bonas. Along with her, the 28-year-old is said to have turned night into day. The two were invited by the festival director from “Glastonbury” in person. Michael Eavis was happy for the royal visit. “Prince harry was great“, he said. “I suggested that she come in the evenings because nightlife is what Glastonbury is all about. At three in the afternoon you don’t even realize it. I told him that his driver would be back at five in the morning. it should, ”explained the festival director. In the end, Prince Harry only lasted until four o’clock, when he went home with his tired Cressida!

There is finally life in the redhead again! Prince Harry has been too soft for our liking in recent months! However, we are glad that you can now celebrate without causing a scandal – like a grown man enjoying life!

Image Source: © Bulls / Express