El príncipe Harry celebra con su nueva novia

Prince Harry celebrates with his new girlfriend

Prince Harry celebrates with his new girlfriend

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wantedon 08/28/2014 | 09:43

What could be better than celebrating the summer with good friends on vacation? And if the new flame is there too, the luck should be perfect. Prince Harry probably thought that too, and invited some close friends to a yacht off Saint Tropez, including his newest conquest, Camilla Thurlow!

Are we really serious now between Prince Harry and Camilla Thurlow? It appears that, as reported by Us Weekly, the two are currently on vacation with some other friends on a yacht off Saint Tropez and have a good time.

Prince Harry might have found the right one

One of the reasons for the trip is his 30th birthday, which Prince Harry will celebrate next month. “The trip is in part to celebrate Harry’s 30th birthday, which is only a few weeks away. And because you deserve a break to recharge your batteries“Said a source to the American magazine.

Prince Harry: Did you find the right one?

Meanwhile, things seem to be going very well between Prince Harry and Camilla. The source interprets the fact that the royal redhead invited his supposed new girlfriend on the boat trip as “a sign that he is really in love with Camilla.”. The new woman at his side is already known in the British media as potential wife for prince harry After all, the 25-year-old is not only very similar to Kate Middleton, but she is also completely different from the women Prince Harry had previously dated. Plus, Camilla Thurlow is engaged to a charity Princess Diana once worked for, so they are the best omens.

Prince Harry really seems to have eaten his new girlfriend. And Camilla Thurlow certainly shouldn’t be too fond of being invited on a yacht off Saint Tropez. We hope to see some photos of the alleged lovebirds soon!Image Source: Chris Jackson / Getty Images