Príncipe Harry: su novia no está segura

Prince Harry: his girlfriend is not sure

Prince Harry: his girlfriend is not sure

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wantedon 07/16/2013 | 14:11

For a few months now, Prince Harry has been meeting Cressida Bonas and the British were hoping that royal offspring, like his brother, would slowly settle down. But apparently the media hype about the prince is being too much for his girlfriend. Is the relationship already doomed?

The British won’t like to hear that: Prince Harry’s girlfriend is apparently toying with the idea of ​​ending the relationship after a short time. Apparently the gorgeous Cressida Bonas has grown tired of the media cheating in the relationship.

Prince Harry single again soon?

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas have only been meeting more intensely in recent months. Already last summer there should have been a spark between Lady Diana’s son and the British model. However, Cressida is apparently thinking again about ending her relationship with Prince Harry. As an insider has now revealed to “People” magazine, the blonde hates all the media hype about her loved one: “The fact that Harry is aristocratic could be a hindrance. She herself has no social ambitions. “

Prince Harry confessed his love to Cressida Bonas

But Prince Harry doesn’t just want to give up his relationship with Cressida Bonas: “You don’t want to put it in the sand. He loves her and that is something that is not easy for him. ” Basically, Cressida Bonas would make a good match for Prince Harry. After all, the model is in the same circles as Prince William’s brother. Furthermore, the Briton went to the same school as Harry’s ex-Chelsy Davy and is also close friends with his cousin, Princess Eugenie. So Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas seem to be a good couple! Hopefully, Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas will find a way to overlook their differences and work on the relationship together. The British would certainly be happy if Prince Harry arrived soon at the port of marriage and announced royal descent here as well.

Image Source: Gettyimages / Danny E. Martindale