Príncipe Harry: Fiesta caliente con dos ex-llamas

Prince Harry: Hot party with two ex-llamas

Serious draft?

Sure, Prince Harry has never been averse to a good party, even if the past has notably calmed Prince Charles’s youngest son. But now they saw him partying with two of his ex-girlfriends!

On Wednesday, according to the Daily Mail, Prince Harry attended society girl Anneka Gilkes’s birthday party at her husband Charlie’s “Bunga Bunga” club, as did Formula 1 reporter Natalie Pinkham and Formula 1 pro. public relations Astrid Harford, and these two are because the royal offspring really aren’t strangers. The 31-year-old has already partnered with both of them in the past, if only fleetingly and seemingly without any major love affair, as the newspaper reports.

The fact that these two women, who were long happily taken elsewhere, showed up at the same birthday party, doesn’t seem to have really bothered Prince Harry. According to the newspaper, the paparazzi photographed him leaving the bar after dinner with sleepy eyes, without a trace of agitation or even emotion. In any case, according to media reports, Prince William’s brother has no problem maintaining a peaceful relationship with his ex-girlfriends. The relationship with both Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy should be cordial, according to the Daily Mail.

Prince Harry: Not a party prince anymore?

And anyway: Prince Harry wasn’t alone at the it girl’s birthday party anyway. His cousin Beatrice and James Middleton were also among the guests. Prince Harry was apparently in good company, and it is said that he didn’t go too far either. It is said that he left the party at half past ten at night.

It’s okay that ends well as it seems. We’re glad that Prince Harry obviously had a laid-back evening, and that’s without any major debauchery. It seems that the Royal is growing slowly but surely.

Image Source: Getty Images / Chris Jackson