Príncipe Harry: "¡Le mostraré a George cómo divertirse!"

Prince Harry: “I’ll show George how to have fun!”

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wantedon 07/26/2013 | 17:06

He’s only four days old and his uncle has big plans for him – Prince Harry wants to show his nephew George Alexander Louis how to have fun!

And how it works, Prince Harry, royal redhead, knows very well. In aristocratic circles, the 28-year-old is considered a party prince who loves to party and sometimes goes overboard. Prince Harry’s recordings of you are unforgettable night break including strip poker show in a hotel suite in Las Vegas.

Prince Harry, the funny uncle

And with that it also becomes clear what role he should play in raising his little nephew George Alexander Louis: Prince Harry is supposed to show the little royal how to have fun! “UsWeekly” magazine reports that the prince with the mischievous charm joked at an exhibition in conversation with reporters that he was responsible for ensuring that his nephew “was having fun.”The other side of Prince Harry

But not only will Prince Harry be able to teach his nephew to have fun and fun, he will too. social vein hopefully he will have inherited it. Because the real redhead is not only an excellent captain of the British Army Air Corps, he also defends it. socially disadvantaged children one. The children of Lesotho, Africa, who are threatened by poverty and HIV / AIDS, are especially close to her heart. In his first public appearance as an uncle, Prince Harry visited the “Stories of Hope” exhibition of the royal foundation “Sentebale”. “’Sentebale’ illustrates Harry’s attitude towards children. It’s exactly what it’s all about, ”royal court photographer Chris Jackson, whose images were on display, told“ UsWeekly ”. And furthermore: “Harry’s new nephew is an extremely privileged child and will grow up in a world of his own. Harry will love him and be a great uncle to him, but these children mean a lot to him too. He feels close to them and wants to do something for them, ”says Chris Jackson. The photographer not only met Prince Harry as a prince of the party, but as a caring and helpful person.

With Prince Harry, little Prince George Alexander Louis really has a great-uncle by his side, whom he can always trust. Either for fun or to communicate values.Image Source: Chris Jackson / Getty Images