Príncipe Harry: ¿está convirtiendo al príncipe George en corredor de maratón?

Prince Harry: is he turning Prince George into a marathon runner?

Prince Harry: is he turning Prince George into a marathon runner?


wantedthe 02/05/2015 | 17:41

It is well known that Prince Harry does not shy away from any sporting challenge. After all, with the Invictus Games he not only started a sporting event for soldiers wounded in the war, but a while ago he also embarked on a hike to the South Pole full of deprivation. Despite these experiences, Prince Harry seems to have respect for a marathon.

Prince Harry is a true sports fanatic. For years, the royal redhead has been attending major sporting events around the world with his brother Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton. Whether it’s a visit to the Olympics, a meeting with former NBA stars, or the inauguration of the Invictus Games, which he launched himself, the 30-year-old is very happy to sit in the spectator stands to cheer on the fans. athletes and letting go. challenge yourself again. However, Prince Harry seems to prefer to avoid a marathon.

Prince Harry dodges a marathon

With his trek to the South Pole just over a year ago, Prince Harry had already shown that he has a lot of stamina. An invitation to joint marathon training, which the number 4 of the British line of succession received on a date in Twickenham, however, he gratefully declined. “I suggested that he would like to run one himself,” Jane Fishwick, who is currently training for this year’s London Marathon, told “Hello!” Magazine. From her meeting with Prince Harry. “Then he said it would be a problem because if either of them walked, both he and William and Kate would be under pressure to do the same.”

Prince Harry: Will you train Prince George soon?

Fortunately, Jane Fishwick had an idea of ​​how Prince Harry could get out of the matter: he simply had to pass the burden of running the marathon on to the next generation. “So I suggested that he train George in due time and transfer responsibility to him. Then he said it was a good idea. He said they could drift in that direction, ”the passionate marathoner chattered from the sewing box. It will be some time before Prince Harry can run down the jogging tracks with his nephew. At the age of one and a half, Prince George has enough to walk.Practice early – this is the motto that Prince Harry has apparently written on his nephew’s flag. But even if it will be a while before the first training session: Prince George couldn’t ask for a better coach than the probably coolest dude in the world.

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