Príncipe Harry: ¿su ex está comprometida?

Prince Harry: is your ex engaged?

Prince Harry: is your ex engaged?

In love committed …

wantedon 08/26/2014 | 11:05

While Prince Harry is currently bonding with a gorgeous brunette who is said to have a lot in common with his sister-in-law Kate Middleton, his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy could be a few steps further. Will Prince Harry’s ex get engaged soon?

Prince Harry is still looking for the right one

Marriage Proposal At Dizzying Height: Chelsy Davy, Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend, might be waiting for you or maybe you’ve already experienced it. The beautiful blonde is currently on vacation with her boyfriend, jewelry designer Charles Goode, in Africa and Friends of the couple are sure that Prince Harry’s ex will get a proposal here. The location of the event should also already be determined. As the “Daily Mail” reports, Charles Goode Chelsy Davy is said to want to propose to Chelsy Davy on top of the 2,743-meter-high Mulanje Mountain in Malawi. “Before leaving for Africa, he made it very clear that he wanted to marry Chelsy.“A friend of Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend told the British newspaper.Prince Harry looks at it calmly.

After Chelsy Davy was by Prince Harry’s side for about six years, the lawyer met the supposedly right person last year. Since they met, 28-year-old Charles Goode has been said to be inseparable – a wedding seems to be as good as it is decided.

Chelsy Davy engaged?

Charles planned to ask for her hand while on vacation, and everyone thinks he already has.So the couple approaches the ‘Daily Mail’. And Prince Harry? She should take it easy, after all, the two have been separated since 2010. However, the royal redhead’s friends are sure that Chelsy Davy was “the right woman at the wrong time” for Prince Harry.

Prince Harry might have finally found the right one with his new girlfriend and his ex seems to want to commit long term too. Although Harry and Chelsy were also a lovely couple, it is gratifying that both former lovers are happily in love again. We are curious to know if the blonde will show up with a corresponding finger ring in the course of the week.Image Credit: JUSTIN TALLIS / AFP / Getty Images / Danny E. Martindale / Getty Images