El príncipe Harry sabe blandir la espada

Prince Harry knows how to swing the sword

Prince Harry knows how to swing the sword

Real sword fight

wantedon 11/20/2014 | 10:26

In recent weeks, it was primarily Prince William and Kate Middleton who represented the British royal family at public gatherings and enthusiastically shook hands. But now Prince Harry was also on his best side when he paid a multi-day visit to the Arab state of Oman.

Prince Harry has seen a lot in the last three days. During his state visit to Oman, he was warmly received at the airport in the capital Muscat. During his stay in the Arab state, the 30-year-old got to know the culture of the country.. Prince Harry visited a souk, a typical Arab market, where he got close to typical products, received gifts from the locals and Eventually number four in the British line of succession was allowed to compete in a traditional sword fight.

Prince Harry was allowed to compete in a traditional sword fight.

Prince Harry seemed to be enjoying his stay in Oman. Almost no image shows the redhead without a smile on his face. Prince William’s brother had a blast when he was presented with a sword and shield at a historic fort near the oasis city of Nizwa. Prince Harry skillfully posed with his weapon before he was allowed to compete with a 60-year-old local in a traditional sword fight.

Prince Harry travels to Abu Dhabi

The fact that Prince Harry can handle guns is not a coincidence, after all, the 30-year-old is a member of the British Army. Both the traditional dancers, who were allowed to witness the show, and the other locals clearly enjoyed the performance with the sword of the handsome royal. After his three-day stay in Oman, Prince Harry will travel to Abu Dhabi, where he will participate in a charity polo tournament.

It’s always exciting to see what the royals experience on their state visits. Unlike his older brother, who bears much more responsibility as the immediate heir to the throne, Prince Harry always seems to be very laid back and down to earth with the people he meets on his dates. We look forward to the next photos of Prince Charming.

Image Source: Getty Images / Chris Jackson