Príncipe Harry: ¿te encanta el regreso con Chelsy Davy?

Prince Harry: love coming back with Chelsy Davy?

Prince Harry: love coming back with Chelsy Davy?

Back to the ex?

wantedon 06/23/2014 | 10:19

Just a few weeks ago it was speculated that something could happen again between Prince Harry and his ex Cressida Bonas. But now another ex seems to want to win back the real rebel’s heart!

Prince Harry celebrated with his ex

It is well known that Prince Harry is not a foodie when it comes to women. And yet it doesn’t seem to work quite well with the loving 29-year-old. Although Prince Harry is said to be single at the moment, he can’t seem to keep his hands off beautiful women. But the real redhead doesn’t venture into new realms, Prince Harry seems to prefer to think about what he knows. The “Daily Mail” now speculates that heir to the throne number three got along very well with his ex Chelsy Davy at a wedding. Is something happening again between Prince Harry and the beautiful blonde?

Prince Harry did his best

At a wedding of mutual friends on the weekend in Slovakia you are supposed to Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy are so much fun to have. The two were together for almost six years, so they will have had enough to talk about.

Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry were together for six years

He spent a lot of time with Chelsy and they seemed very familiar to him.“He revealed an alleged infiltrator to the British newspaper. “Daily Mail” also wants to know that Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy partied together until the wee hours of the morning and it was hot. In the pool and on the dance floor, they both should have let it rip. Apparently the party was so wild that Prince Harry lost his smartphone and wallet.

Prince Harry is not the child of sadness. Why also? The 29-year-old is handsome, one of the best singles in the UK, and doesn’t seem like a permanent bond. Live and let live, or what does the saying say?Image Source: NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP / Getty Images / CARL DE SOUZA / AFP / Getty Images