El príncipe Harry en la carretera de Brasil

Prince Harry on the road to Brazil

Prince Harry on the road to Brazil

Trip to brazil

wantedon 06/26/2014 | 12:21

Prince Harry left a few days ago to travel through South America. His first stop is, in line with the World Cup, Brazil. Of course, fourth in line to the British throne did not miss a chance to see England against Costa Rica. But his real mission was to visit various relief projects that even made Prince Harry cry.

On his trip to Brazil, Prince Harry had to save a complete disappointment immediately: According to “Pro Sieben”, the 29-year-old was at the Belo Horizonte stadium when England failed 0-0 against Costa Rica.

Prince Harry is close to the people on his trip to Brazil

The team was eliminated from the World Cup before the third group match, but like a true British prince Harry kept his fingers crossed for the “Three Lions”. Unfortunately in vain! It is said that he looked disappointed and left the stadium as soon as possible after the end of the match. Poor Prince Harry. The rest of his trip to Brazil, however, was more enjoyable. According to “gala”, the 29-year-old yesterday visited a center for disadvantaged children and spent a lot of time with the little ones. The impressions he got there even made Prince William’s brother cry!

Prince Harry remembers his own mother

Prince Harry made the orphans happy by playing soccer with them and listening to their stories. Many of the children and young people living there have suffered violence and lost their parents at a very young age. A story of two girls that particularly affected Prince Harry: they grew up with their grandmother because their mother was murdered and their father is in prison. Even with Prince Harry, not a single eye remains dry: “There are two little girls, I am very excited, when I looked at them, I wanted to talk about my own experiences. Your courage to look at me, to smile at me … I wanted to use my own experiences to show you a bit that I understand what you are going through. “ The narrative reminded Prince Harry of his own mother and how much he suffered over the death of Lady Diana. “I’ve never cried in public that I can remember, but it was very close. It was amazing to hear these stories. But you listen to these stories and think that what you’ve been through has nothing against it.“After his trip to Brazil, Prince Harry will continue to Chile.Prince Harry is known as the prince of the party, but social commitment is above all for the 29-year-old. The fact that she showed so much heart during her visit to Brazil makes the royal redhead very human and personable. Image Source: Getty Images / Chris Jackson