El príncipe Harry realiza bailes felices

Prince Harry performs happy dances

Prince Harry performs happy dances

Happy dance

wantedthe 07/01/2014 | 10:28

Although Prince Harry’s trip to Brazil didn’t just have good things in store for Prince Harry, the Royal, known for his pronounced sense of humor, of course did not allow his time in South America to be ruined. For a good cause, Prince Harry even put a fancy sole on the parquet.

Prince Harry allowed himself a little dance.

Although Prince Harry’s trip to Brazil began with a defeat and the ensuing qualifying round for the England team, The 29-year-old didn’t let that spoil his good mood. By his second stop in Chile, the royal redhead was in as good a mood as ever. In a home for children with physical and mental disabilities, Prince Harry proved he doesn’t have the reputation of the party prince for nothing. According to the magazine “OK!”, Among others, the children and young people of the “Fundación Amigos de Jesús in Santiago” had rehearsed a dance for Prince Harry, but they did Instead of just watching the demo, the actual prankster jumped in right away.Prince Harry is exuberant

Prince Harry puts an energetic sole on the parquet

Prince Harry, of course, insisted on complying with a girl’s request to follow her onto the dance floor and rocked the dance floor along with the youth. Prince Harry was absolutely exuberant and happy and was infected by the joie de vivre of underprivileged youth, even if the fate of children was very close to him. “I haven’t cried in public as far as I can remember, but I got pretty closeThe “Times” quoted Prince Harry after the visit.

With his charitable commitment, Prince Harry follows the path of his mother Diana, who has made a name for herself as the princess of hearts. The 29-year-old seems to have the ability to make underprivileged children and youth smile.Image Credit: Chris Jackson / Getty Images / Niall Carson – WPA Pool / Getty Images