El príncipe Harry pone a los rockeros de los Rolling Stones en su lugar

Prince Harry puts the Rolling Stones rockers in their place

Stress with rocker

wantedthe 07/05/2013 | 14:46

It’s no wonder Prince Harry is occasionally worried about his girlfriend Cressida Bonas – the gorgeous 24-year-old is truly eye-catching with her model figure and sweet face. Few would have suspected that royal offspring would have to protect their love from a 66-year-old man.

There are quite a few stars and actresses frolicking at the “Glastonbury Festival”. The palette ranges from Hollywood stars and models to members of the English royal family. And the concrete aspect of this colorful mixture is not better symbolized by any situation than by this Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas meet up with old rocker and “Rolling Stone” Ronnie Wood. What sounds like a strange constellation was a lot of fun for everyone involved, until Prince Harry suddenly had to step in to protect his To protect the girlfriend from the rock legend’s flirting attempts.

Ronnie Wood, known for especially for dating young women, reported the British “Sun” warmly of the interesting meeting with Prince Harry and his girlfriend: “He said it was good to see me again and then he introduced me to his sweet girl.“But you shouldn’t stop at the first hello – the old rocker took great care of Cressida and approached the model up close and personal, as he proudly said:”I really hugged her! ”It is said that Prince Harry only seemed confused at first.

Prince Harry likes to play with old rocker Ronnie Wood

Then the redhead intervened, as Wood reported: “She said:”Hey, get your hands off!The musician’s interviewee reacted understandably surprised, but was immediately informed that Prince Harry had only said this in jest. Apparently they are two different men on the same wavelengthAs shown by the enthusiasm of the “Rolling Stones” guitarist. “He was so funny, it was so much fun to see him again.“, He was excited in the interview with the” Sun “. Prince Harry himself has yet to comment on the reunion at the “Glastonbury Festival.”

The 28-year-old definitely seems to have a sense of humor – dealing with a weird old rocker flirting with his own girlfriend isn’t exactly the easiest job. But Prince Harry could feel safe: Ronnie Wood probably can’t compete with him!Image Source: © Bulls / ACE