El príncipe Harry recibe la herencia de la princesa Diana

Prince Harry receives inheritance from Princess Diana

10 million pounds

wantedthe 02/09/2014 | 10:00

Your 30th birthday is likely to be one of your hardest. Because on September 15, Prince Harry will receive the inheritance left by his mother, Princess Diana, paid for.

Two years ago it was time for her brother, Prince William Now Prince Harry will also receive around 10 million pounds, the equivalent of about 12.6 million euros, from the inheritance of his mother, Princess Diana., “The Sunday Times” reports.

Prince Harry inherits on his 30th birthday

This should make the memory of his deceased mother very present for the royal redhead, on his 30th birthday. When Prince Harry celebrates his historic anniversary on September 15, the roughly € 12.6 million should go fully into his possession.that’s what his mother wanted.

Prince Harry: Will he waste the money?

As the British “Express” reports, it was stated in Princess Diana’s will that both sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, would each receive their share on their 25th birthday. Property managers are said to have raised the age by five years. According to this, Prince Harry would inherit 12.6 million euros in about two weeks. It remains to be seen what heir number four will do to the throne with the money. It is known, according to “Bunte.de”, that Prince Harry prefers to spend his money on trips and motorcycles, as was the case a few days ago when he was on vacation on a yacht off St. Tropez with friends and his supposed new girlfriend, Camilla Thurlow. .

We are confident that Prince Harry will invest the money well, be it on trips, motorcycles or whatever. After all, money is the last will of his mother, Princess Diana. Prince Harry certainly won’t handle this carelessly.Image Source: Chris Jackson / Getty Images