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Prince Harry: sweet words to the queen

Proud of grandma

The fact that Prince Harry loves his grandmother very much is nothing new. How much he apparently admires Queen Elizabeth II, he now made clear at an event at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen’s Young Leaders Awards were presented there for the second time on Thursday, and Prince Harry took the opportunity not only to thank the many fine young people from the Commonwealth of Nations, who have earned themselves through various projects for their community and fellow citizens. Have made. The 31-year-old also dedicated some of his words to his grandmother, and they were more than moving.

Prince Harry is so proud of the queen

“I was very fortunate to have met many outstanding people over the years, but none more prominent than Her Majesty the Queen,” he explained to the guests and was still far from the end of his loving speech. “With her as the head of the Commonwealth, the nation, the military and our family, I, like millions of other people, always had the opportunity to look to her for inspiration and guidance,” Prince Harry said, according to the Daily Mail.

Great idol

Queen Elizabeth II had shown everyone how important selfless commitment was. “She is the role model I strive for and the standard by which I will measure my own contribution,” said Prince Harry. So a huge compliment that young Royal gave his grandmother and it seemed to come from all his heart. Because Queen Elizabeth II is undoubtedly a role model. But the many winners of the Queen’s Young Leader Awards have already accomplished great things. “You are already an inspiration to many, but I hope the award inspires you to go out and achieve even greater things in the future,” said Prince Harry.

Prince William’s younger brother seems to have copied a lot from his grandmother. Keep going!

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