El príncipe Harry estuvo involucrado en un accidente

Prince Harry was involved in an accident

Prince Harry was involved in an accident

Bad accident

wantedthe 09/12/2014 | 16:33

Prince Harry got lucky last Wednesday: The 29-year-old was involved in an accident in London. He himself was on his way to a sporting event and got away with it!

The British royal family has always attached great importance to social engagement. It’s also important for Prince Harry to get involved with the community. For this reason, the Invictus Games sports event began. These “games of the indomitable” are an international event in which wounded soldiers are supposed to compete in sport. According to the Daily Mail, Prince Harry even had a police escort take him to the capital for the event taking place in London.

Prince Harry witnessed an accident

However, the journey was not as smooth as expected: A police officer accompanying Prince Harry’s car drove his motorcycle to a taxi. In the collision, the motorcyclist was apparently thrown several meters and the taxi driver even had to be removed from his car. However, Prince Harry himself shouldn’t have happened. However, the number 4 of the British line of succession is said to be in shock.

Prince Harry dominates his appearance

According to the “Daily Mail”, it is said that Prince Harry followed the events from the back seat, as a witness reported to the portal. The royal’s journey continued due to a security order. Some of the bodyguards took care of the injured, while the scene of the accident is said to have been chaos: “There was debris everywhere, steam was coming from the hood of the car”another witness recalled. Prince Harry was chauffeured to the Invictus Games and is said to have made his appearance professionally. As the “Daily Mail” announced, the accident victims are well under the circumstances. For Prince Harry, however, the sporting event should have had a bitter aftertaste.

Prince Harry came out with a black eye again when the serious accident happened in London. Luckily for the 29-year-old that nothing happened to him! The accident will certainly have come as a shock to him anyway, after all the memories of his mother Lady Di’s death are awakened.

Image Source: Getty Images / Chris Jackson