Príncipe Harry: ¿Qué estaba pasando realmente con la modelo alemana?

Prince Harry: What was really going on with the German model?

Prince Harry: What was really going on with the German model?

Party in Abu Dhabi

wantedon 01/23/2015 | 17:16

At a party in late November last year, Prince Harry is said to have lived up to his name as the prince of the party and became particularly close to a German model. But what was really going on between the blue blood and the ambitious beauty?

It’s no secret that Prince Harry loves to party. And his preference for beautiful women is also well known. In late November last year, the 30-year-old is said to have crashed in Abu Dhabi. including flirting with a German model.

Prince Harry is said to have approached a German model

Anastasia Plewka Guseva spoke to the “Gala” for the first time about her evening with Prince Harry. But does the model really have nothing else in mind to tell the truth? The media interest in her is suddenly extremely high… But what does Anastasia Plewka Guseva have to say about Prince Harry?

Prince Harry: Didn’t he get a chance?

She met Prince Harry at a party in Abu Dhabi after a fashion show, where she herself was working as a model. The 30-year-old looked at her and invited her to the VIP area, informs the model of the “Gala”. There, the vodka flowed freely, reducing inhibitions. A little later he approached Prince Harry as he danced. “We got very close. He touched my hair, he stroked my neck, we collided while dancing, then our lips touched“, Remember the 23-year-old, who is actually kidnapped. For the sake of their relationship, he ended the night early, he continues. However, Prince Harry did not want to give up and invited her to a party on a yacht the next day, Anastasia Plewka Guseva would like to remember the course of the night. On the ship, he later flirted violently with Prince Harry, but ultimately disappointed him.

It is understandable why Anastasia Plewka Guseva goes public with this story. How much truth is behind this, again no. We can imagine, after all, Prince Harry is not a child of sadness. We just hope the two of you had a good night together no matter what.Image Source: Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty Images