Príncipe Harry: ¿estará bajo el capó el próximo año?

Prince Harry: will he be under the hood next year?

Prince Harry: will he be under the hood next year?

Wild speculation!

wantedon 08/27/2013 | 17:25

The latest rumors about Prince Harry don’t really fit his image as “party prince”: Prince Harry supposedly wants to enter the port of marriage with his girlfriend Cressida Bonas, and that already next spring!

The speculation comes as a surprise, after all, no woman next to Prince Harry so far has managed to tie him up permanently. But with Cressida Bonas everything seems to be different.

Prince Harry: do you want to marry your Cressida soon?

The first rumors emerged that Prince Harry wanted to ask all questions of the blonde beauty while on vacation in Africa. The wedding date should already be set by now. – at least approximately. As the British newspaper “Daily Mail Sunday” reports, citing some sources in the vicinity of the palace, Prince Harry will appear in front of the altar next spring! The source reportedly told the newspaper that they expected “an engagement by the end of the year and a spring wedding.” And that’s even though Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas have only been a couple for almost a year.

Prince Harry: Is everything going too fast now?

British royalty is currently not getting out of the wedding rumors: at first there was speculation about a second wedding between Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew and an imminent engagement of their daughter, Princess Beatrice, with her longtime friend, so that now the wedding rumors are about Prince Harry. Also the assumptions that Prince Harry got down on his knees long before his Cressida and asked for her hand don’t stop. Until the blonde is shown in public wearing an engagement ring or there is no official statement from the palace, it will be exciting to see who the next British wedding bells are.

The British royal family is currently more exciting than any soap opera: who is marrying whom, there is a return of love that nobody expected, and when Prince Harry asks the most important question of all. We’re just going to buy some popcorn, then we can move on with the latest palace rumors!

Image source: gettyimages / Chris Jackson