Príncipe Harry: ¿Se perderá el nacimiento del bebé de Kate?

Prince Harry: Will Kate’s Baby Be Missed?

Visit to Australia

wantedthe 07/04/2015 | 12:24

Prince Harry had to do without a laid-back Easter with his loved ones this year. After all, the royal redhead traveled to the other end of the world on Easter Monday to begin his four-week air visit to the Australian military. While the Australian population is already excited about this extraordinary guest, concerns are mounting in their homeland: Will Prince Harry miss the birth of the new family member?

It won’t be long before Prince Harry finally relinquishes his uniform – No.4 in the British line of succession would finally like to say goodbye to the army in June. But before the 30-year-old finishes his military service, there is still a special foreign assignment on the show. Prince Harry has been traveling to Australia since this week to train with Australian soldiers for the next four weeks and to get to know the local army better. Before the harsh daily life of a soldier began for Prince William’s brother, there was an almost royal reception on Easter Monday.

Prince Harry: Missing the birth of Kate’s baby?

According to a message from Kensington Palace in Canberra, around 1,000 spectators had gathered to welcome Prince Harry “down there.” However, the son of Prince Charles did not have much time for the residents of the Australian capital. After all, the Briton didn’t just have to report to the commander of the Australian Defense Forces. In addition, Prince Harry took advantage of his stay in the metropolis to lay a wreath at the grave of the unknown soldier and visit the Australian War Memorial.

Prince Harry: The Queen thanks the Australians

In his luggage, Prince Harry also had a personal message from his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, to the Australian people. In this message, the British Queen thanked him for the unparalleled hospitality he has given her grandson. “I am delighted that the long and lasting relationship between the Australian and British armies is complemented by the military visit of my grandson, Prince Harry,” said Queen Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Prince William shouldn’t be so excited about his brother’s outing: After all, Prince Harry could now miss the birth of his nephew or niece, which is expected in the coming weeks, due to his trip to Australia.

Prince Harry will likely get over the fact that he will miss the birth of the newest member of the family. After all, he should be one of the first to see a photo of the baby after birth. Modern communication channels make it possible.

Image Source: © Getty Images / Stefan Postles