El príncipe Harry se perderá el nacimiento

Prince Harry will miss the birth

Birth lost!

wantedon 04/27/2015 | 12:34

It would have turned out so well: exactly on the weekend that Prince Harry made a quick visit to London, Kate Middleton’s baby should see the light of day. But instead of sticking to the royal calendar, the boy takes a little longer, too much for Prince Harry: today, Monday, the 30-year-old is expected to return to Australia.

In recent weeks, Prince Harry should have been prepared for the fact that he will miss the birth of his nephew or niece. After all, the royal redhead has been in Australia since Easter Monday to get to know the local military better. However, since yesterday Sunday, the last ray of hope that Prince Harry can personally greet the new member of the family has been extinguished: Unfortunately, during a short visit from the heartthrob in London, the birth of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby was a long time coming.

Prince Harry has to be patient

Prince Harry had planned his trip home for this past weekend – after all, according to various media reports, the arrival of the youngest royal offspring was expected on April 25. But as is well known, nothing came of it. Instead, Prince Harry used the time in his hometown not only to show his enthusiasm for sports once again, but also to fulfill his royal duties.: On Sunday, the son of Prince Charles attended the London Marathon and presented the medals to the victorious runners.

Prince Harry will not be able to greet the boy for a few weeks.

Although Prince Harry must have enjoyed the long-distance run through the streets of London, a little sadness should have been mixed with joy. After all, the offspring of the nobility had to get back on the plane Sunday afternoon in order to be at their base in time for Monday. Therefore, the first meeting with the new member of the family will take a while to arrive, because at the moment no other home visit is planned. According to “People” magazine, Prince Harry will only leave for Britain in May.

Babies only have their own hours. Still, we are a bit sad that Prince Harry narrowly missed the birth of his nephew or niece. There’s no need to be sad though – in the age of the smartphone, Prince Harry should be one of the first to see a photo of the royal scion.

Image Source: © Getty Images / Peter Parks