¡El príncipe Felipe está de regreso!

Prince Philip is back!

Prince Philip is back!

Healthy again

wantedon 06/18/2013 | 15:20

The British and all aristocratic fans around the world can clear up the worry lines on their foreheads: Prince Philip is fine again after an eleven day stay in the hospital and allowed to go home!

At the age of 92 It is probably normal that you have to take care of your health more than your peers of the younger generation! too In recent years, Prince Philip has had to stay in his sickbed with increasing frequency.. Most recently, he missed the birthday party for his wife, Queen Elizabeth II! The Duke of Edinburgh was with us twelve days ago Pain in the abdomen He entered a London clinic and had to undergo preventive surgery. Now Prince Philip is back.

Prince Philip is fine after his hospital stay!

Yesterday the Real was finally able to leave the hospital and, according to information from “OK.de”, he was smiling like a honey cake horse. He shook hands with the facility staff and warmly thanked them for their support. The gratitude that Prince Philip expressed also went to his followers, who were numerous for him. Get good wishes issued. Some of them had been waiting outside the hospital doors all day yesterday, to receive Prince Philip!

Prince Philip is happy to be released

That should have pleased the duke in particular! This was also confirmed by a spokesman for the British royal family who, according to information from “OK” magazine, revealed Prince Philip is “in a good mood”. However, you should not go straight to work and take it easy: “He will take a break, probably two months.“Chatted the royal representative of the sewing box! Visitors to Prince Philip included not only the Queen, but his own as well. Grandchildren Harry and William.

We hope that Prince Philip makes enough recovery and that the next hospital stay is not too soon! In a pinch, the queen has to act a bit and banish the prince to her bed; You certainly need the rest!

Image Credit: Danny E. Martindale / Getty Images