El príncipe William y el príncipe Harry son fanáticos de la serie "Friends"

Prince William and Prince Harry are fans of the series “Friends”

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wantedon 08/28/2014 | 13:32

What could be better than laying on the couch after a hard day and watching a series? Not only do we think that, but Prince William and Prince Harry apparently like to chill in front of the cigarette box, especially when the series “Friends” is on. The royal brothers are now even trying to put together American comedy.

For ten years, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Ross, and Chandler were not only friends, but also our friends. The American sitcom, which ran between 1994 and 2004, was a huge success in both the United States and Europe. Everyone wanted to know how the chaos around the six friends would continue. Who would have thought that the British heir to the throne, Prince William and Prince Harry, would also be part of the excitement one after another?

Prince William and Prince Harry like to watch “Friends” together

When the last episode of “Friends” was filmed in 2004, the series fell silent, but Prince William and Prince Harry obviously can’t forget their favorite show – after all, it provided weekly entertainment for years. At a polo tournament met Prince William and Prince Harry on “Joey Tribbiani,” actor Matt LeBlanc and he pressed it according to the magazine “Glamor” about a possible reunion of the cult show: “They asked me when there was a ‘Friends’ reunion”revealed the 47-year-old in an interview. Matt LeBlanc himself is very pleased with the idea of ​​meeting Jennifer Aniston and the other stars on the show again: “I said, ‘Tomorrow? I do not know. Whenever you want ‘”, reported in” Glamor.

Prince William loves the series “Downton Abbey”

Will Prince William and Prince Harry’s wish ever come true? In September of this year, the series “Friends” will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Perhaps an occasion for a meeting of the six-man team? Rumors of a reunion of Rachel, Joey and company have been around for a long time. Waiting can Prince William, however, was sweetened with his other favorite series: “Downton Abbey.”, which is about a noble family and their staff in the early 20th century, is said to have made it to Kate Middleton’s husband. On the television show “Watch What Happens Live,” “Downton Abbey” actor Allen Leech revealed that Prince William had declared himself a fan of the series.

It’s always comforting to hear that Prince William and Prince Harry have down-to-earth passions. We’d love to see the Windsor brothers sit together in front of the television and cheer on “Friends” and “Downton Abbey.” Kate Middleton will definitely be there too. We keep our fingers crossed for Prince William and Prince Harry that a cast reunion for “Friends” is coming up soon.

Image Source: Getty Images / Dan Kitwood