Prince William en la piscina de bolas

Prince William in the ball pit

Prince William in the ball pit

The child in man

wantedthe 04/03/2015 | 09:48

As Kate Middleton prepares for the birth of her second child at her London home, her husband, Prince William, relives it in himself during his trip to Japan. We don’t even know Prince George’s father so exuberantly.

Prince William enjoyed the date in a kindergarten

What happens behind the British palace walls when mom Kate Middleton and dad Prince William play with their son Prince George, we can now imagine with a little more precision. Why During his trip to Japan, the British heir to the throne was more exuberant than ever. On a date, Prince William couldn’t help butying in the ball pit with a horde of children; no doubt Little Prince George would have enjoyed it too. Surrounded by the Minis, the 32-year-old Royal really flourished and it was shown from the side that otherwise only his son and his wife can see.

Prince William is shown from a different side

Prince William in the ball pit

Prince William joked with the children, threw balls with them, and was even encouraged to juggle. Who would have thought that there were still so many children in the heir to the throne? Otherwise, Prince William shows his serious and cosmopolitan side, but in Japan, with the many children, he completely put them off and proved to be completely aloof and happy.

Playing with Prince William; otherwise only your 19-month-old can see it. Now we can imagine that Kensington Palace is not as rigid as one might have previously suspected.Image Credit: Chris McGrath / Getty Images / Chris Jackson – WPA Pool / Getty Images