El príncipe William vuelve a ser piloto de helicóptero

Prince William is a helicopter pilot again

Prince William is a helicopter pilot again

New challenge

wantedthe 08/08/2014 | 13:30

Royal duties don’t seem to be enough for Prince William: Weeks ago, the 32-year-old applied for the “East Anglian Air Ambulance” so that he could return to work as a rescue helicopter pilot in the future. Now it’s clear: Prince William will soon be able to sit at the control stick …

The dream of flying continues: After Prince William ended his military career as a helicopter pilot in 2013 and has only been privately airborne ever since, the British heir to the throne will soon be able to work professionally with fellow passengers. As the palace announced to People magazine, Prince William will soon work as a rescue helicopter pilot. “The Duke will start as a co-pilot, but after a period of training he will be qualified to fly as a helicopter commander. This work will be their main activity, ”said an official statement.

Prince William faces a new challenge

Despite this career change, Prince William will continue to perform his royal duties, the palace said: “His list will take into account the duties and responsibilities he will continue to undertake on behalf of the Queen in the UK and abroad. The Duke will also continue to maintain his patronage and will work with the Duchess and Prince Harry for the joint foundation. ” Prince William’s journal shouldn’t be any more empty.

Prince William donates his salary

By the way, Prince William will not receive more salary for his work as a helicopter pilot. Instead, the wages earned will be used for charitable purposes. However, Prince Charles’s son’s new job still means moving out. As a source told the newspaper, Prince William and his family will now spend more time at their Norfolk property. “They will be settling in Norfolk and coming to London as often as possible instead of living in London and only going to Norfolk on the weekend,” reported the insider.

It will be interesting to see if Prince William’s engagement will lead to an increase in emergency calls to the East Anglian Air Ambulance. After all, who wouldn’t want to even be saved by a royal prince?

Image Source: © Getty Images / Chris Jackson