Príncipe William: ¿ya está de camino a su Kate?

Prince William: is he on his way to his Kate yet?

Prince William: is he on his way to his Kate yet?

Helicopter away!

wantedon 07/12/2013 | 13:52

Little by little, Prince William, the future dad, the heart really seems to slip. Are you afraid of not being on time for your first child?

The whole world is eagerly awaiting good news from England, the English are jumping into a triangle with enthusiasm, and it is likely that the future father, Prince William, almost passed out from nervousness. At any moment it could be and Kate Middleton, wife of the heir to the throne, Prince Williams, will give birth to their first child.

Prince William is flown by helicopter to the birth of his first child

Prince William is known to be a hardworking guy and will carry on with his job as usual until Kate Middleton goes into labor. However, of course he is a privileged royal heir to the throne and a helicopter has been available at his current location in Wales since last week.who will bring Prince William to his Kate ASAP if need be.

Prince William: Has Kate started labor?

According to rumors, the transportation of the royal pope has already begun. “AND! News ”quotes an eyewitness who commented on the whereabouts of the helicopter: “He was there yesterday and today he is no longer destined.” Is that the sign that everyone is waiting for? Will Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first child be born? Observers who have been waiting for days outside St. Mary’s Hospital, where Kate Middleton is supposed to give birth, give All clear. So far, everything has been quiet and nothing indicates that Prince William’s wife has already moved into the infirmary reserved for her.

Prince William seems to be really starting the bomb. We are also very excited to see when the time will finally come and hope that the future dad can finish the day in time for the birth. Good luck, Prince William!Image Source: Getty / Danny E. Martindale