Prince William: en mi mente con su hijo

Prince William: on my mind with his son

In polo

wantedthe 08/05/2013 | 10:05

In his first public appearance as a father, Prince William looked great on his polo horse, but his mind was in an entirely different place.

Although he sat on the back of a horse for a good cause at the “Audi Polo Challenge at Coworth Park” at Ascot at the weekend, it is obvious that Prince William is not here at all. the happiness of the earthBut at his in-laws’ house: the new dad could only think of his sweet little three-week-old son, Prince George.

Prince William could only think of his son playing polo

She stayed home with mom Kate Middleton at Grandma and Grandpa Middleton’s. Dad, Prince William, was only an hour’s drive from his little family, but the longing was still great. “I mustn’t be coming home too late,” quotes the “Bild” quoting the sympathetic new father, Prince William, who was still available for interviews after the tournament.

Prince William is a thoroughbred father

Despite being a great polo player, Prince William, who was participating in the Ascot charity tournament with his brother, Prince Harry, had difficulty concentrating on the game. “I was out there in baby mode I thought about diapers all the time. I didn’t like him very much, ”the 31-year-old admitted to the press after his match. Why did royalty have to think about diapers? “I have to get some on the way home,” was Prince William’s realistic explanation. The great prince went into ecstasy for his little prince: “It moves a lot, constantly turning from side to side. He keeps us alert.“Despite the great distraction, happiness seems to stimulate Prince William: Real scored the winning goal for his team.Who would have thought that Prince William himself would buy diapers for his offspring? The joy of being a father suits Prince William very well and makes him super cute!

Image Source: Jane Mingay – WPA Pool / Getty Images