El príncipe William habla sobre el embarazo de Kate

Prince William talks about Kate’s pregnancy

Prince William talks about Kate's pregnancy

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wantedthe 09.09.2014 | 10:30

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting their second child.” This official announcement from the Royal Family broke the news of the day, if not the year, yesterday! At the opening of a new wing of St. Hughs College yesterday, Prince William, of course, was pestered with questions about the happiness of the new baby.

Actually, no one should know about the second pregnancy at this time., because Kate Middleton is according to the official confirmation of the palace not yet in the third month, after which the critical first phase of pregnancy is usually overcome. Just hours before the good news was officially announced, the parents of Prince William and Kate Middleton learned of the good news, according to “The Sun,” and even the Queen was recently sworn in.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are looking forward to baby number two

The reason the baby news came out was not necessarily positive: As with her pregnancy with Prince George, Kate Middleton is once again suffering from a particularly severe form of pregnancy illness., and must be in bed. Two gynecologists are supposed to take care of the expectant mother. Therefore, the opening of the £ 21 million “Dickson Poon Complex” at St. Hughs College had to be done by Prince William alone. How lucky for those present that the 32-year-old was in a good mood.

Prince William talks about Kate’s condition

Even if opening the expensive new wing is a big deal, it quickly faded into the background in view of the royal baby news; after all, everyone wants to know how are the future parents of two. When asked about Kate’s well-being, Prince William replied, “She’s fine, thank you,” adding: “It has been a difficult few days. But we are out of ourselves with joy ”. The future father was visibly happy with the second pregnancy and could barely suppress a big smile. Expect Kate Middleton’s bad nausea period to pass quickly: “We hope things settle down a bit quickly and that she feels a little better. I’ll take good care of you from now on. “Of course, Kate Middleton’s pregnancy illness somewhat clouded the good news about her pregnancy, but generally the Duchess should breathe a sigh of relief after a few bad first weeks and be able to enjoy her pregnancy to the fullest with baby number. two. We wish her and Prince William much strength for the coming months.

Image Source: Getty Images / Oli Scarff