Princesa Madeleine: prima felicidad entre Leonore y Estelle

Princess Madeleine: cousin happiness between Leonore and Estelle

Cousin power!

wantedon 09/15/2014 | 16:04

More than half a year has passed since Princess Madeleine gave birth to her first child with little Leonore. Since then, the 32-year-old has adjusted well to her new role as mother, and her Leonore is now integrated into the rest of the Swedish royal family. Princess Madeleine is now proving this with a sweet Facebook photo!

Princess Madeleine shows her luck

Princess Madeleine didn’t take a long break after giving birth to daughter Leonore last February. The daughter of the Swedish king regularly informs her fans via Facebook about her work for her mother, the Queen Silvia World Children’s Foundation. But Princess Madeleine also leaves plenty of room for private moments in addition to work.

Princess Madeleine has now posted an extremely sweet snapshot on her Facebook profile, in which her daughter Leonore can be seen with her older cousin Estelle, the daughter of Victoria of Sweden. At just two and a half years old, Estelle put her arm around her little playmate lovingly, as if to show everyone how much she likes her cousin Leonore. “Precious moments,” said Princess Madeleine in the beautiful photo.

Princess Madeleine: is there a new addition to the family?

Princess Madeleine introduces Estelle and Leonore

Princess Madeleine declined to reveal whether Estelle and Leonore could expect another playmate soon. Finally, after the announcement of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, the whole of Sweden is discussing when the next addition to the family will be in their royal family. The speculation even went so far that some media representatives suspected that there was a small lump under Crown Princess Victoria’s clothing. Princess Madeleine will probably keep to herself for a while if she’s right. One thing is certain until then: Estelle and Leonore are also more than comfortable as a couple.With so much happiness in the family, Princess Madeleine and her sister Victoria must also be looking forward to more children. The two sisters should be happy that their children get along so well. In any case, not a single sheet of paper seems to fit between Estelle and Leonore!Image 1 Source: © Getty Images / Ragnar Singsaas Image 2 Source: © Facebook / Princess Madeleine of Sweden