La princesa Madeleine está embarazada

Princess Madeleine is pregnant

Princess Madeleine is pregnant

Royale Baby news!

wantedon 03/09/2013 | 09:47

That was really more than fast! Princess Madeleine, who only married her lover Chris O’Neill in June, can now expect her first child.

The baby’s news about the Swedish royal family is a bit surprising, but no less joyous: As the palace announced on its home page, Princess Madeleine and her husband Chris O’Neill are looking forward to their first child. The two had only had a romantic wedding in June and then enjoyed their life as a married couple.

Princess Madeleine’s pregnancy came unexpectedly fast

The simple declaration ensures a lot of joy, among the Swedes and throughout Europe. “Princess Madeleine and Mr. Christopher O’Neill are excited to announce that they are expecting their first child. Presumably the birth will be in early March 2014. “But not only the palace spread the news, Princess Madeleine did not want to continue keeping the news behind the mountain.

Princess Madeleine announces her pregnancy on Facebook

Princess Madeleine insisted on bringing the good news to her followers herself again. The pregnant woman posted on her Facebook page: “Chris and I are delighted to be able to tell you that we will have a baby in early March next year. We consider ourselves very lucky and can’t wait to be parents! However, the pregnancy should not change anything in the planned dates and obligations of Princess Madeleine. That is why he wants to continue his commitment to the “World Children’s Foundation” for which he works in New York.

We can only say: Congratulations, Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill! We are happy with the two of them for the royal lineage and we can’t wait to see the first pictures of Princess Madeleine’s belly!

Image source: gettyimages / Pascal Le Segretain