Princesa Madeleine: El embarazo se siente maravilloso

Princess Madeleine: Pregnancy feels wonderful

Princess Madeleine: Pregnancy feels wonderful

Baby on Board

wantedon 06/09/2013 | 17:12

The announcement of her pregnancy came, shortly after the wedding, more than surprising. It is so much less surprising that Princess Madeleine is now delighted with her growing belly.

Princess Madeleine, otherwise quite silent, announced September 3 more than proud to have her and husband Chris O’Neill become parents.

Princess Madeleine touches people with thanks to her sister

Of course, now everyone is eager to learn more about motherhood. At a press conference on the occasion of his new “ThankYou by Childhood” Campaign In Stockholm, Princess Madeleine was asked about her pregnancy and happily revealed: “It feels wonderful. “There was nothing to be seen under the outfit of Princess Madeleine of Sweden. A loose fitting shirt and a casual blazer did not reveal a possible lump.

Princess Madeleine remains socially engaged

Presumably Princess Madeleine didn’t want to focus on her pregnancy either, as the focus was on the campaign she had worked on a year earlier. With her project, the 31-year-old wants to encourage people to say “thank you” to a loved one. Therefore, Princess Madeleine immediately set a good example: “Tonight I would also like to thank my sister, Crown Princess Victoria. She was incredibly supportive of me throughout the years and gave me some great advice, which I also needed. When we were little and mom and dad hung out a lot, It was Victoria who changed her mind when we were sad. “

With this “declaration of love” to her sister, Princess Madeleine’s maternal feelings are already showing! At least with this nice thank you, the future mother received all the attention of her campaign. Image source: gettyimages / Pascal Le Segretain