La princesa Madeleine muestra su barriga de bebé

Princess Madeleine shows her baby tummy

It grows

wantedon 01/22/2015 | 10:50

Since it was announced late last year that Princess Madeleine was pregnant again just eleven months after the birth of her first daughter Leonore, the 32-year-old had withdrawn a bit from the public. But now Princess Madeleine again made a date and showed her sweet belly for the first time!

Princess Madeleine had not appeared in public for about six weeks.after all, there was a lot to do for the mother-to-be. After she made her second pregnancy public, news followed that she would have and raise her baby in Europe.

Princess Madeleine shows her baby tummy

Today Princess Madeleine, her husband Chris O’Neill and their daughter Leonore live in Stockholm at the moment, the apartment in the Big Apple has been vacated. It is not yet known where the little family will go in the future. Now, in addition to the stress of moving, Princess Madeleine has apparently found time to work again.

Princess Madeleine can’t hide her tummy

Princess Madeleine, soon to be two mothers, posted a photo on her Facebook account showing her with Hélène Benno, director of the “Min Stora Dag” children’s cancer foundation (in German: “My big day” ). You can see the two women talking and especially half of Princess Madeleine’s body attracts everyone’s attention. Because the ball can no longer be hidden. Although the 32-year-old is wearing a wide white blouse and a gray cardigan on top, it is obvious that something is growing below her heart. If Princess Madeleine has deliberately removed herself from the public eye in recent weeks to avoid bad blood and negative headlines. it is not known, but it would be possible. After all, it was firmly assumed in Sweden that it was not Princess Madeleine but her sister Victoria of Sweden who would become pregnant next. Obviously, there is no trace of envy and resentment in the Swedish royal family – Princess Madeleine is beaming and looks absolutely happy!We can finally take a look at Princess Madeleine’s belly. If it really had been a tactic that has become scarce in recent weeks, we find him very respectful to his older sister Victoria from Sweden, who wants nothing more than to get pregnant again.Image Source: Facebook / Kungshuset