Princesa Madeleine: Tu novio lloró frente al altar

Princess Madeleine: Your boyfriend cried at the altar

At the wedding

wantedon 07/17/2013 | 11:15

The tough and always slightly hypothermic banker Chris O’Neill was moved to tears. The reason for this was his beautiful wife, Princess Madeleine. The new husband spoke unusually open about his emotional outburst in front of the altar.

the Bride’s entrance It is probably the highlight of every wedding ceremony. Especially for the groom, this moment is a very emotional affair, in which even experienced men often struggle to maintain their composure. Hardly anyone would have expected it, but even investment banker Chris O’Neill had it at his wedding to Swedish Princess Madeleine. fight back tears.

Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill are delighted

In the run-up to the wedding, Princess Madeleine’s husband always had something more hypothermia Y Inaccessible it worked, but within seconds it had about 1.5 million viewers with its emotional outburst Sincerity of your feelings convinced of Princess Madleine.

Princess Madeleine has found the right one!

No wonder even the genius banker Chris O’Neill had tears in his eyes on June 8 at the Stockholm Palace Chapel – Princess Madeleine looked simply gorgeous in her gorgeous Valentino robe. But otherwise, Princess Madeleine’s husband doesn’t seem as cool as he does to outsiders. In an exclusive interview with “Svenska Dagbladet,” Chris O’Neill was unusually outspoken: “I’m a very moving guy when it comes to friends and family. At work I have a different facade. But I show my feelings. When I’m happy, I laugh, and when I’m sad, I show it too. Seeing my girlfriend come to church, as beautiful as she was and with that smile, it was just overwhelming. ” Not only during the wedding ceremony, but also in his wedding speech, Chris O’Neill showed his wife, Princess Madeleine, and the entire wedding party how strong his feelings are. Princess Madeleine raves: “My husband’s speech was fantastic and very moving. I have to bring here that he spoke it in Swedish. And he did it absolutely flawlessly, ”said proud bride Princess Madeleine.

It seems Princess Madeleine has finally found the right person in Chris O’Neill! We are very happy for the nice bride and her boyfriend, who made us a little more likeable through this interview.Image Source: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images