Princesa Madeleine: Tu familia es lo primero

Princess Madeleine: Your family comes first

Princess Madeleine: Your family comes first

Full time mom

Anne Lüftneron 12/14/2015 | 12:30

Swedish royals like to share their private happiness with us, but Princess Madeleine has rarely been so open about her life as a mother and wife and also revealed in an interview how she is determined by her qualities in the pot.

Princess Madeleine wants a lot of time for her children

A few months ago, Princess Madeleine and her husband Chris O’Neill packed their things and traded the royal palace for a secluded life in London. The joy is even greater when the dream royal couple return home and talk about their happiness and cute offspring on Swedish television. They even opened the door of their private house until the moment that you could almost have the feeling of being there live with the intimate anecdotes.

“We can’t live without ‘canines’!” Reveals Princess Madeleine on the Swedish talk show “Skavlan,” referring to the fluffy little bunny without whom Princess Leonore can hardly be soothed before bed. However, the royal family lost the teddy during a walk and since then the 2-year-old has had to find her way to dreamland on her own. And what is the best way to comfort a child who has to do without his faithful sleeping companion? Sure, with the favorite food that Mom lovingly prepared. Or maybe dad after all?

Princess Madeleine avoids kitchen work

“I’m a terrible housewife,” the 33-year-old admits according to “Gala” when asked by Jamie Oliver, who was also a guest on Fredrik Skavlan’s show. Princess Madeleine prefers to let her lover swing the wooden spoon and points out that she doesn’t want it in the kitchen when she gets to work. “He’s saying it as an excuse,” Chris O’Neill joked. But even if Made’s talent in the kitchen isn’t particularly good, she’s even happier in her role as a mother. “Right now I want to spend all my time with the children, because that’s the part that I missed a bit,” he explains with amazing honesty. Leonore and little Nicholas have probably brought out the golden lot.

Princess Madeleine has found happiness with Chris O’Neill and her two children and right now she can’t imagine anything better than having her loved ones close by every minute. We wish the royal family of dreams all the best in London!

Image Source: GettyImages / Ragnar Singsaas