Profesión: maquilladora

Profession: makeup artist

Profession: makeup artist

Makeup artist it is one of the most varied professions that exist. Their workplace is photography studios, fashion shows, film and television sets, or cosmetic companies. Also as a personal stylist for celebrities or private weddings. Makeup artists I ask. Title Makeup artist it is often given after a short recovery seminar. They mostly work in the cosmetic industry and are often additional cosmetician or hairdressers. Then there are those Makeup artistwho works frequently in film, television and theater. Here are the most important questions about the Profession: makeup artist – answered by Gülhan Dündar, owner and CEO of the NextLevel Academy and the cosmetic school in Berlin You can find the academy website here: Cosmetics School Berlin.

Makeup School: Tips on How to Apply MakeupMä What is the official job title of your training?Gülhan Dündar: Since the term “makeup artist” is not officially protected and there is more demand than makeup in the economy, we offer IHK-certified training courses for retailers, salespeople and pharmacists. This has two advantages: on the one hand, you learn the professional trade of a makeup artist, and on the other hand, you receive extensive training with a professional qualification as a salesperson and thus can quickly find a job.

Mä certificate of completion / what degree do you need for this?Gülhan Dündar: At least a high school certificate is required. Additionally, you can still access counter management through various additional training courses. Among other things, you have to be strong in sales. A degree is not necessary unless you want to hold a managerial position.

Mä requirements should I have?Gülhan Dündar: Talent and a certain sense of aesthetics. It is also important to be well organized and enjoy dealing with people. At the same time, it is important to keep training and developing more.