Samsung: pantalla del Galaxy S20 de fábrica en el quemador trasero, acero para el modelo Ultra

Promotion page for Samsung Galaxy S20: sign up for an exclusive offer

Be among the first to receive an exclusive offer and all the information about the next Galaxy. Samsung is also launching an early-booking campaign for the Galaxy S20.

Samsung will introduce the new Samsung Galaxy S20 in several different versions in a month. People can register in advance on a campaign page to later benefit from an exclusive offer. Of course, Samsung wants, first and foremost, to check the interest of the users and also to use this route to take advantage of some user data. It’s still an interesting story for interested people, because Samsung won’t put the new Galaxy S20 series on sale without a bonus either.

“Be one of the first to receive an exclusive offer and all the information on the next Galaxy.”

Last year, Samsung offered an additional power bank for people who had signed up for this promo page. A similar device can be expected this year. It’s not a big thing, a little trick. If you have no problem providing your details and signing up for a newsletter, you should now use this link to open the campaign page mentioned above.

The new Galaxy S20 series will be unveiled on February 11, according to our time estimate around 8pm at night.