Protesta contra la prohibición de conducir

Protest against the driving ban

Protest against the driving ban

In the Arab country, women, both foreign and local, are prohibited from driving. Also, they are not allowed to vote, leave the country without the consent of a relative / spouse, or enter alone. But resistance is slowly building.

Many women no longer want to be dependent: that is why the association “Women2Drive” was founded. Despite the official ban and a major police operation, many women dared to marry last Saturday. Some even filmed or filmed themselves and later posted the video on YouTube.

A Saudi comedian has also made a name for himself in this context. With her YouTube hit “No woman, no drive” Hisham fageeh internationally known in one go and I can hardly believe it. Although he leaves open which side he is on, it seems relatively clear that the comedian and singer is making fun of the applicable laws with the ironic lyrics. In the song, which is based on Bob Marley’s “No woman, no cry,” it is sung Fageeh, among other things, that women should not drive because it could damage their ovaries and they should have babies.

That is not by accident. A clergyman from Saudi Arabia had previously stated this in an interview to discourage women from driving. Also, it works It is rumored that if they were allowed to drive, there would be more accidents and women would become prostitutes more easily.

However, with all the horror of such laws and opinions, we must not forget that many women in Saudi Arabia have a driver’s license. – what you have done abroad – and can lead an independent life, with the full support of their families!

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