Proton: Email App Provider Develops Encrypted Calendar App

Proton: Email App Provider Develops Encrypted Calendar App

This year an encrypted calendar application is available from ProtonMail, which is already known for its encrypted email application.

Anyone looking for cool email apps besides Gmail will sooner or later come across ProtonMail. It is an encrypted email provider, also available as an Android application. Now the developers have come up with a new idea or have already made some progress. Proton also wants to launch an encrypted calendar app this year. The first beta version of the new ProtonCalendar started a few weeks ago and the new application is available directly to ProtonMail users.

ProtonCalendar uses end-to-end encryption

As already announced by the provider, ProtonCalender will also be available for mobile devices in the new year. Applications for iOS and Android are under development. However, there is no release date yet. Interested users still need a little patience.