Photoshop Camera: lanzamiento de la aplicación creativa para teléfonos inteligentes Android

Ps Camera: Try the New Adobe Photoshop Camera on Android Now (Download)

Photoshop Camera: creative app launch for Android smartphones

A few weeks ago Adobe announced the Ps Camera for Android. Now everyone can test the new camera app if the hardware and software are correct.

A few weeks ago, Adobe announced its own camera app for Android, which can now be tested on the first Android smartphones. Officially, they are Samsung’s current flagship smartphones up to the S9, as well as Google’s Pixel 3 (XL) and Pixel 4 (XL). Other devices can work too, you just have to try them. Android 9 is minimal.

Ps Camera offers many filters for creative photos

An incredible amount of effects and filters can already be applied live. But you need performance. Some filters cause the camera to jerk. Therefore, it is better to apply a filter only afterwards, which is also possible directly on the Ps camera. Give it a try if something occurs to you.

The download is now available via APKMirror. Just download the app, install it, launch it, and sign up. You need an Adobe, Google or Facebook account. Without it it doesn’t work.