PS5: las tiendas cancelan los pedidos para que pagues más

PS5: stores cancel orders so you pay more

PS5: stores cancel orders so you pay more

More money is always good. Here’s what some retailers who have offered PS5 pre-orders thought. These should get even more expensive later, much to the chagrin of customers.

Pre-orders will be canceled if you don’t buy a game. Is it still possible?

The PlayStation 5 is gone, again. After some stores have accepted more pre-orders than they can deliver, some retailers start a particularly bold action: Your pre-order will be canceled if you do not purchase a console game directly. Is it still okay?

PS5 preorders should also buy Sony titles

The bogeyman appears to be an unspecified wholesaler. This one has made a deal with other merchants who One game published by Sony for each console supplied must be removed. As reports, a smaller distributor has now passed on these terms to its customers. Even if those affected already have the console order confirmation in their mailbox, they must now choose from one of four launch titles. If you don’t buy a game, the pre-order will disappear.

These games await you right at the beginning of the new generation of consoles:

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PS5: Launch Title – All the Games You Can Play Right from the Start

It is not yet known how many distributors are affected by the problem. The fact is that these promotions will cause problems especially for small merchants. Because compared to larger companies and mail order markets, small retailers simply cannot afford to “sit” on gaming costs. It should look different for Amazon and Co. Preorders don’t have to wait for their order to be canceled if they don’t buy a game.

So it’s still exciting. In the third wave of pre-orders, if it arrives, it is very possible that some retailers PS5 only as package offer. And with your hand on your heart: who orders a console without games? Perhaps customers would be less upset if they not only had a choice of 4 Sony titles …