Horror Pumba?  Nuevo "Rey Leon"Los carteles asustan a los fanáticos de Disney

Pumbaa horror? New "Lion King"Posters scare Disney fans

Pumbaa horror?  New "Lion King"Posters scare Disney fans

Disney has released a series of posters for the next new edition of “The Lion King,” in which we get the best view of the main animal characters yet. But not all fans of the original are raving about them …

Warthog Pumba

1. Warthog Pumbaa+

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With Jon Favreau’s “The Lion King”, a remake of the classic Disney cartoon of the same name from 1994 awaits us in summer, in which Simba, Nala, Scar and company are no longer drawn but come from the computer. The photorealistic animated animals surprised many with the long trailer at the latest. And even in the eleven new character posters that have been released, they look terrifyingly realistic, with an emphasis on scary, like some Twitter-The user is now thinking in terms of a certain boar …

Scary pumbaa

Shortly after the above posters hit the internet, the first voices were heard, which are annoyed by Pumbaa’s appearance. Until now, meerkat Timon’s best friend was only seen briefly in said trailer, but on the poster he now looks at us menacingly from close range. I.In the new “Lion King” he no longer appears as stylized as in the cartoon, but was modeled precisely on his real model, a wild boar.

That seems to bother some fans of the original a bit. In Twitter There are more and more read requests classifying Pumbaa’s completely revised design, sometimes more serious, sometimes less serious, unsuitable for kids, and more like a nightmare. One user even points out that this new Pumbaa could have come straight out of the horror drama “The Witch”:

Support for Pumbaa

The shocked comments are probably just one particularly vocal group again and not the majority. In any case, many reactions on the net are also very positive and some even feel called to run to Pumbaa’s aid and teach the crybabies that a wild boar looks like this in real life:

If the adorable pig in the finished film, where he will happily talk and sing (in the original with the voice of comedy star Seth Rogen), he can also convince the last few skeptics, then shows In theaters as of July 17, 2019.

The new “Lion King” will not be a one-to-one remake