El procesador del Pixel 5 se renovó como Snapdragon 768G

Qualcomm has introduced what will soon be in many premium smartphones

The processor of the Pixel 5 was renewed as Snapdragon 768G

Snapdragon 765 and 865. These are the easy names for Qualcomm’s new smartphone processors for the next premium era.

Qualcomm has introduced two new premium platforms for smartphones, which we will see in the first devices no later than Spring 2020. Xiaomi and other manufacturers have already announced that they want to rely on the new 765 and 865 platforms. We find the uniform designation excellent at this point, because both chips belong to the same generation. Finally, it is easier to assign this, which also benefits customers.

Qualcomm gets on the 5G train

Basically, the new platforms for 5G will be commercialized. This means that the 5G smartphones of the upper middle class if manufacturers trust these new Snapdragon chips. Also, the 5G modem is only included in the 8 series and is not fully integrated yet. Qualcomm still lags behind the competition in this regard. However, I dare to doubt that this results in a notable disadvantage for the customer.

In the new 7 series, 5G is advertised as “embedded.” There is also a new Snapdragon 765G, which is again designed for gaming and features Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming. Qualcomm did not want to reveal technical data at first, more will follow in the coming days.