La reina Isabel II ha dejado el hospital

Queen Elizabeth II has left the hospital

Queen Elizabeth II has left the hospital


wantedon 03/05/2013 | 12:12

The weekend was not only one of hope and fear for the family of Queen Elizabeth II. Now comes the collective sigh of relief: the British Queen has been released from the hospital and appears to be in very good shape.

After Queen Elizabeth II was admitted to London’s King Edward VII Hospital over the weekend due to current gastrointestinal problems, all of europe held its breath.

Queen Elizabeth II is allowed to leave the hospital

The 86-year-old Queen of England’s health was cause for concern, as she appeared to be suffering from gastroenteritis. Inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. – suffered. In reality, Queen Elizabeth II had wanted to relax at Windsor Castle for the weekend, but had been admitted to the hospital to be safe. Although it was clear from the beginning that it was a mere “precautionary measure”, now there is finally an official go-ahead. Queen Elizabeth II was allowed out of the London hospital and appears to be fine.

Queen Elizabeth II leaves the hospitalQueen Elizabeth II was released from the King Edward VII Hospital on Monday morning. The queen seems fine under the circumstances. Wearing an elegant red coat with a diamond brooch, necklaces and earrings, she stood in front of the waiting photographers. The monarch even seems to be freshly combed, she is visibly better. I to tentative smile He could fight the ailing Queen Elizabeth II. Hospital treatment appears to have been successful. However, it is understandable that all appointments scheduled for this week are canceled.

We are happy that the friendly Queen Elizabeth II is better again. Even if you look really good again when you leave the hospital, we wish you a speedy recovery! Image source: Facebook