Reina Isabel: Robo en el Palacio de Buckingham

Queen Elizabeth: Robbery at Buckingham Palace

Fear and hate

wantedon 10/15/2013 | 17:51

Buckingham Palace, the home and official residence of Queen Elizabeth, is currently the target of thieves. For the second time, a gunman tried to break into Queen Elizabeth’s apartments. Does the Queen have to worry now?

Queen Elizabeth is certainly anything but “fun”! Just a few weeks ago, Scotland Yard caught a thief trying to break into Buckingham Palace. An armed man tried again yesterday. However, Queen Elizabeth can rely on her security guards: The man was discovered and immediately arrested.

Queen Elizabeth was the victim of a thief!

It is not yet known what is behind the attempted robbery. According to the British magazine “Hello!”, Scottland Yard limited itself to announcing that the gunman had tried to enter Buckingham Palace through the north entrance around 12:30 noon and, therefore, into the sacred halls of Queen Elizabeth. There he was quickly discovered, arrested and taken away. There were no injuries, and Queen Elizabeth herself was not at home at the time of the crime.. Then there was no danger for the queen.

Queen Elizabeth: who is behind the series of robberies?

Details about the perpetrator were not made public. The man is only known to be 44 years old. One can only speculate on a connection between the two robberies on Queen Elizabeth. However, it seems strange that in a few weeks two thieves try their “luck” at Buckingham Palace. But if Scotland Yard police and investigators continue to work so quickly and efficiently, Queen Elizabeth doesn’t seem to have to worry about her safety. Hopefully the series with Monday’s failed robbery attempt has come to an end!

Thieves in your own apartment – a real horror. Hopefully Queen Elizabeth will be able to sleep peacefully in the future and not worry too much. With the bobbies and police officers of London, you have real security professionals by your side!

Image Source: gettyimages / Eamonn M. McCormack