Quentin Tarantino cierra la secuela "Django desencadenado"!

Quentin Tarantino closes the sequel "Django unchained"!

Quentin Tarantino closes the sequel "Django unchained"!

The sequel to the western “Django Unchained” was the first volume in the “Django / Zorro” crossover comic series, in which Tarantino played a key role. Now a movie is supposed to be created based on this.

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In 2012, Quentin Tarantino sent Jamie Foxx on a bloody journey of revenge through the Wild West in “Django Unchained.” However, he did not send the title hero after, instead retired. continued his story in the comic series “Django / Zorro”, the first volume of which Dynamite Entertainment and DC Comics released in 2015.

His action begins a few years after the events of “Django Unchained.” The bounty hunter had retired with his wife Broomhilda, but could not bear the stalemate and returned to the wide world. Then, one day, he meets the elderly Diego de la Vega, better known as Zorro. Django is fascinated by the legendary Swinger Swinger and therefore joins him as his bodyguard. From now on, together they free the slaves from the clutches of their sadistic masters.

Tarantino wants to take “Django / Zorro” to the movies

How Collider now exclusively reported Quentin Tarantino wants to bring the comic book series he wrote to the big screen soon. For this he has already approached comedian, actor and author Jerrod Carmichael, who is supposed to be working on the script for “Django / Zorro.” Carmichael is known, among other things, for the semi-autobiographical sitcom “The Carmichael Show,” which he created, and has appeared as an actor in “Bad Neighbors” and “Transformers: The Last Knight.”

Other than that, however, not much is known about Tarantino’s plans. In the course of the Sony hack a few years ago, emails between the director and Sony boss Amy Pascal surfaced in which an adaptation of “Django / Zorro” was a topic, but it is unclear if the film is also under Sony’s roof is going to be built. Given that the studio has also produced Tarantino’s upcoming epic “Once Upon A Time In … Hollywood,” further collaboration would be at least obvious.

Further away It is not known if Jerrod Carmichael will write the script alone, in collaboration with Tarantino or with another author. And there is also no information on whether the director of “Django Unchained” wants to direct the film himself. Since he says he wants to retire after his tenth film (“Once Upon A Time In … Hollywood” is number nine) and has not yet had a sequel in his filmography, of “Kill Bill”, which was actually planned as a movie . Other than that, it’s hard to imagine sitting in the director’s chair for “Django / Zorro.” So we assume that he will oversee the project as a producer, as he did with “From Dusk Till Dawn,” which was written and directed by Robert Rodríguez.

If “Django / Zorro” becomes a reality, it will be some time before we can see it on screen. First of all, Tarantino’s upcoming masterpiece “Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood” will hit German theaters on August 15, 2019.

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